About Me

Hi, my name is Tom. I’m a UK based platform developer, digital designer, graphic designer, web designer, front-end web developer, WordPress developer, ASP.NET developer, print designer, email designer, email developer, web consultant and copywriter. In these fields, I consider myself to be at a highly skilled or expert level.

Throughout my 12+ year career, I’ve tried to diversify as much a possible to give myself as much exposure to as many creative digital industries and disciplines as possible. With this web portfolio, I hope you can see that, while I’m not an ultra-specialist in one nook of a web or design industry, I am instead very successful, adaptable and skilled in whatever I turn my hand to. This is because, quite simply, there is a lot that interests me, but once I find something that I believe in and want to get into further, I’ll pour everything into its success.

I’ve worked primarily in the financial and big data sector, which requires meticulous attention to detail for legal and compliance purposes. I have also had the opportunity to work with many household brands by working many years with affiliate marketing companies across the country, and also with brands directly.

Some of the more famous brands include eHarmony, Glenfiddich, Barclaycard, Virgin Active, Now TV, Sainsburys, Aqua, American Express, Booja Booja Chocolates, Boots, Anglian Home Improvements and Quick Quid.

More recently, I have been b2b, and involved in data visualisation and web platform design and development to house charts, tables and exportable documents of insight for some heavyweight international brands. The highly sensitive nature of the data requires careful work and a respect of ultra strict NDAs. More interestingly for me personally however, was the housing and displaying of crunched numbers of gargantuan data-sets all wrapped up into a layman UI – with accessible graphics and controls – to be used by employees of all authorities, nationalities and requirements.

The more notable ‘data’ clients include McDonalds, Pret a Manger, Wagamama, Papa Johns (global), Greene King, William Grant & Sons (global), Budweiser Group, Punch Group, Bacardi (global), Whitbread Group and Cancer Research UK.

So that’s me. Get in touch with me via LinkedIn and let’s talk.