Cloud Freebies

This lead generation site, arguably the first UK freebie site to be 100% responsive across all current web enabled devices, is another WordPress build. A common theme I noticed with many responsive web sites is that they’re still very simplistic even in the full desktop version – for a site of this size, this attitude towards design was not an option. Complete with customisations to the content editor to aid with the addition of new freebie items on a regular basis, it is the most ambitious responsive web design I have completed. It has an extremely complex set of CSS classes and media queries modifications to the Gumby responsive framework I used to begin the site build. The maximum amount of columns for one ‘row’ of the site is a maximum of 128, all of which gracefully scale down depending on the user’s device. In addition to the site, I designed and coded Facebook App iframe and email campaign landing pages to work alongside a MailChimp driven email campaign to encourage users to like the site. This proved to be highly successful, and in just over a year, the site had gained a very strong following. To entertain returning users, I added some simple PHP scripts to alternate various graphics to coincide with national holidays (Christmas, Easter etc.) to keep things fresh and engaging. This seasonal ‘refresh’ was again continued throughout social media outlets for the site.

Cloud Freebies 1Cloud Freebies 2Cloud Freebies 3cloudfreebies_mar2013_landingpage logo-stpaddys logo-stgeorges socmedimg-stgeorge