Cover My Salary

An affiliate network required a redesign and rebuild of a lead generation website, to be accompanied by an email creative.

This website was to exist alongside a family of sister websites, which were also lead generation focussed. To improve the credibility of these  sites, I implemented a distinct logo design which was them implemented across other web products managed alongside Cover My Salary.

Going with a calming, slightly sharp and clean green, the outcome was a fully mobile responsive, lightweight and focussed brand led by a modified, calm and friendly stock image to create a seamless ‘infinite’ hero, which would fill the page to the left and right even on large screens.

In relation to the coding of the site, I made good use of my standardised boilerplate code sets for both the main website and the email creative.

Cover My Salary - Part 1Cover My Salary - Part 2Cover My Salary Email Creative