This project was part of a job which unfortunately did not materialise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Design, code forethought and words all by me.

Colourful, light, assertive and led by happy humans in photos, the page is stepping carefully along a reassuringly clear and clean intro to the service while keeping the form as accessible as possible. Considered padding makes sure as to not overcrowd the users viewpoint at any one time – which is particularly important on devices. The lead gen page is intended to build trust and buy-in from a naturally wary, business-smart userbase, and to facilitate an everyman introduction to the products and service. Familiar and easy to access CTAs and language is used to encourage the user – at any stage in the page – to submit their details, thus generating a quality lead.

Using JavaScript to detect the page load completing, the form then fades in after a short delay after fading out the till kit into the background. The header CTA would also fade out when the form is visible, as it is useless at this stage, and keeps the page lighter and lowers pressure.

A big colourful swoosh background set against a clean white space leads the eye to the form while boxing off the hero in a flood of softened electric blue – the company flagship colour scheme.

Positive reinforcement by way of a green arrow is to draw focus to the form. The arrow is nestled partially behind the form as to not draw too much attention to itself. The green against the blue is a little jarring but is sized in a way to not discomfort the user.

For the white circle and wording – I didn’t want to lose any sense of urgency so chose a look that jarred with the rest of the site enough to be noticeable, while coloured subtly to not hijack the main pitch.

A red icon in familiar style to social media platforms allows a recognisable ‘notification’ for the user to pick up on and follow, while not being ‘too red’, again to not derail main pitch.

Then a pandemic hit!