UK Credit

I worked at UK Credit for over two years from 2015 – 2017, and in that time as the sole Digital Designer in the marketing department, completely redesigned and redeveloped the entire site, the entire customer journey application process and dashboard, the entire direct marketing campaign material suite, the entire email marketing suite and… the entire banner marketing assets.

For better or for worse, I was a one-man design army and worked with everybody, achieving a product design still echoing my contribution even now in January 2023.

The product was marketed at a young to middle-age demographic and therefore the appeal had to remain fairly broad while adhering to unwavering compliance guidance, which in the finance sector in particular is seriously non negoiatable! The result was a soft, relaxed design, colour palette and imagery with a drizzle of fun – if not hope – to test the boundaries against an otherwise grey and serious subject.

For the application journey, the marketing team and I conducted user groups and collected call centre feedback, mouse tracking data, click map data, page scroll depth data, search data and analytics data to support a full redesign to a complimentary and reassuring process from homepage to thank you page.

From hand-drawn ideas, to low fidelity wireframe and prototyping to Photoshop mockups, static HTML in a dev environment, integration with the web developers integration environment, through to test, UAT and then finally published to the live environment, with user group, guerilla testing and data supporting our product launch before relase and beyond.

If you would like to see more materials, please get in touch.

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